Orkney and Hebrides Tunnel Connectivity Feasibility Study

  • Project Type: Bridges & Structures, Research & Development, Geotechnical, Infrastructure
  • Client: UK Government
  • Location: Scotland
  • Date: 2021

About this Project

The Orkney Islands and Outer Hebrides consist of a series of island communities off the north coast of Scotland.

In line with global climate change goals, alternatives to the heavily polluting ferry services that connect these communities with the mainland have been considered.

Roles and Responsibility

In 2021, ECSL were commissioned by Angus McNeil, SMP, to undertake a feasibility study focusing on the possibility of constructing a series of tunnels to link these communities with the Scottish Mainland.

ECSL undertook that feasibility study, considering financial, geotechnical and political factors, comparing this proposal with a similar scheme undertaken amongst the Faroe Islands in recent years.


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Stakeholder Engagement

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