Weardale Heritage Railway Bridge inspection & assessments

  • Project Type: Asset Management, Bridges & Structures
  • Client: Weardale Railway
  • Location: Durham, UK
  • Date: 2021

About this Project

The Weardale Railway inspections and assessments were carried out as part of the asset management of the heritage railway line.

ECSL worked closely with Inspire Structures Ltd to ensure effective site data transfer. Outlining the necessary data needed for the assessments from the start streamlined the inspection and assessment process. Both teams played key roles in successfully delivering the package of works on time and on budget.

This has led to the development of the Site-to-Office app which allows inspection engineers to collect the correct site data and send it directly to the assessment engineers. This app reduces the time by eliminating the need to process hand drawn site notes and will be beneficial in providing assessments for time-critical structures, where the structural capacity has been compromised, as assessments can be carried out in almost real time.

Roles and Responsibility

ECSL were responsible for scoping the inspection for assessment activities and undertaking the assessment of bridge structures, prioritising asset management activities and designing repairs.


  • Structural Inspection
  • Structural Assessment
  • Asset Management Prioritisation

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