Modern Slavery Act Statement

Our Company & Supply Chain

ECSL is a global provider of technical, professional, and scientific services, including engineering, design and asset management.

Our Commitment

ECSL is fully committed to working safely, ethically, and with integrity, with our colleagues at the heart of our business. We aspire not only to deliver high-quality infrastructure, but to do so in a manner that benefits the people and communities involved in a sustainable manner.

This statement applies to the entirety of our business, wherever we are carrying out our work.

Statement Against Human Trafficking and Slavery

ECSL is committed to social and environmental responsibility and has Zero Tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. To support this commitment, we continue to uphold the ECSL Supplier Code of Conduct, to which we hold ourselves and our supply chain accountable.

The ECSL Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits the use of any form of child or forced labor, slavery, or trafficking of persons. Additionally, within the Human Rights section, our Supplier Code of Conduct emphasizes our commitment to respecting the rights of those who work for and with us, and instructs our suppliers to:

Treat all workers with dignity and respect;

  • Support and respect human rights and avoid any involvement in human rights abuses;
  • Conduct all operations in a socially responsible, harassment-free and nondiscriminatory manner;
  • Comply with applicable laws concerning equal opportunities, child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, working hours, freedom of association, and fair wages; and
  • Ensure that the confidentiality of supplier and employee whistleblowers is maintained and that they are protected against retaliation.

We hold our suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to the same standards that we hold ourselves. Running a good business means running a safe and ethical business, and that extends well beyond ECSL itself. ECSL has taken and will continue to take a variety of actions to verify the absence of forced labor, slavery, and human trafficking in our supply chain, including the following:


Our standard contracts include a provision for the supplier to warrant that it has not and will not engage in any activity, practice or conduct which would constitute an offence under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


ECSL requires that each and every supplier that receives a Purchase Order (PO) or Sub-contract reads and certifies compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Verification and Risk Assessment

ECSL requires a due diligence process of supply chain risk based on international indices, media searches and other indicators of supplier-specific risks.


As part of our supplier verification and audit process Suppliers will be required to demonstrate conformance and assurance that they have flowed down ECSL’s requirements to their own suppliers and contractors and have a supporting audit process.


ECSL includes a section on the Supplier Code of Conduct within its standard procurement training for supply management professionals within its Organisation. Anti-bribery, anti-corruption and human trafficking prevention is consistently emphasized as part of training provided.


ECSL recognises the importance of stakeholder engagement to help create a more connected, sustainable world.


The ECSL Compliance and Audit Team has responsibility for monitoring compliance to all of the supply chain activities described above.